iTunes Version Free

Manage and play songs and movies in Windows on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

iTunes by Apple, is a must have software program for anyone who has bought an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, and while at the same time they take pride in owning the leading device of its category, they can't help but feeling shackled to a single software program through which to transfer songs and movies to their devices (while Android users simply drag files from their PCs onto their devices).
But now, after getting thoroughly annoyed, you'll be happy to learn that as always, Apple has created quite a good product, and putting your shackled spirit aside, you probably will be able to enjoy its convenient interface and maybe even come to appreciate the slim to nonexistent chances of a virus to infiltrate into your device (while Android users simply drag viruses from their PCs onto their devices being none the wiser).
Apple iTunes enables users to synchronize their songs and movies collections with their PCs, and supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It's perceived as swift and convenient, and its interface will be easily mastered, even by non-computer-geeks. In addition, it enables users to purchase songs, books, and movies, and to download games while selecting from an enormous selection of files within its media gallery. In its latest version iTunes also enables users to stream radio stations quite comfortably and without having to launch their browser.
A media player appreciated even by those without iPhones
Beyond the fact that iTunes allows you to transfer your CDs to your PC and to copy your songs onto iPod or iPhone, it's basically an advanced media player, found convenient by many users in relation to other alternatives supported by Windows. The player is elegantly designed and easy to operate, as it allows instant playing of purchased songs and movies. Granted, it doesn’t support all of the formats one would expect a media player to support, but if your media activities violate no copyrights rules or regulations it's more likely than not that your purchased song's format is supported by iTunes.
Users come first